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Items You Need To Start A Homebased Business


Items You Need To Start A Homebased Business
By Bob Brolhorst

When I finished off the basement in our house built a room to store our
computer in so the kids would have someplace to go to do their homework. The
room was not very big 12' X 10' I already had a good computer printer and
fax machine at the time, and a chair.

First I applied for a business license, four days later I received my home
occupation permit and sales tax ID number. I then went online and applied
for a trademark with the federal goverment and recieved confirmation of
the trademark two weeks later.

I needed a desk, file cabinet, and a few book selves I was lucky enough to find
a dented cabinet that was new but damged in transit so I picked that up
fairly cheap. I wasn't as lucky with the desk and book shelves. I spent a little
extra on those items. Best Buy had what I was looking for so I spent the extra
money and got what I wanted. I paid cash for everything.

I then needed to get phone lines installed. I purchased a one extra line that
I used for my oline service for my computer as well as for my fax machine.
Depending on what type of connection you get you may have to have two lines,
one for your online service another for a dedicated line for your fax machine.
Knowing that I would need a fast connection to upload my website and download
any necessary software I decided to do with DSL. By going with the DSL I was
able to stay with one phone line. I can be online and still use my phone or fax
machine while still being able to access the internet. Do not use your home phone
as your business phone, it does'nt work with the hassel of having teenage children
at home.

Don't forget voice mail. I used the very affordable service provided by the
phone company, so I didn't have to buy an answering machine. The phone
companies voice mail is much more efficient than a normal answering machine.

Keep your supplies and essential materials close at hand. Keep your desk as clear
as possible so you have plenty of room for the projects you're working on. Proper
lighting is a must. If it is possible use a flourescent fixture it is easier on your
eyes, especially if you spend long hours in your office as I do. Having a door on
your office is a necessity to keep out the household noise while talking to your

Remember, if you use the room exclusively for your office the IRS allows you
a tax deduction, so be sure to contact your accountant and ask him what is and
is not deductible. Tax laws change yearly and the benefits for small businesses
seem to be increasing every year.

Startup costs were approximately $2,250.00 not including the computer, printer,
and fax machine which I already had. Now I had the phone lines, and furniture,
established my business name, and the only other thing I was missing were my

By Bob Brolhorst
Wave 5 Marketing

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