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Home Business PC Security for Dummies
The Internet is a powerful tool for home-based businesses. If used effectively, it can be your best friend; but if you don’t secure your computer, it can be your worst enemy. I’m sure you’ve had your fill of warnings about the latest killer...
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Earn More Money in Your Home Business by Creating a PIG
If you really want to earn more money with your work at home business, than you need to strongly consider adding a P.I.G. Obviously, I am not referring to the questionably adorable pot bellied pig that many fine people have adopted for a pet. The...
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How to Get Customers to Flock to Your Home-Based Business


You’re a home-based business owner who wants to generate
more income. You can generate more income by serving more
clients, but you don’t have an unlimited budget to advertise
– here are some effective marketing tips that you can
implement for little money and only a few hours each week.
Read through them, put them to work for you and let me know
how they are working!

1.Set e-mail auto-responders. Use your e-mail to send
automated responses. Create a “thanks for requesting
information message” to be sent to anyone who sends mail to
your ‘contact us’ account from your web-page.

2.Create Frequently Answered Questions document and post it
on your website. Direct all new inquiries to your website
for more information about your service. Answer the
questions your best customers have – and make it easy for
them to find the answers they need.

3.Use your e-mail effectively. Create a signature line
that clearly states your name, business, and way to reach
you, website and an info-teaser about what you do. With an
easy-link to your website, you have no idea who else may be
reaching you. Keep this on EVERY e-mail you send.

4.Create an e-zine. Your e-zine should provide information
that your target clients can use. Make it interesting and
‘forward-worthy.’ Encourage your subscribers to send your
e-zine to their friends and colleagues.

5.Use the articles you write for your e-zine to submit to
other on-line e-zines and publishers. You can request a
list of potential sites for your article submission by
e-mailing info@petcareuniversity.com.

6.Business Cards. Post your business card where your
target clients will see it. You can have your business
cards printed by the local printer or you can use an on-line
site, such as vistaprint.com…but once you have your cards
make sure they stay consistent – changing your card design
on vistaprint is fun, but it dilutes YOUR brand.

BONUS TIP: When networking, be specific about what a GOOD
lead is for your company. It cuts down on getting lots of
calls from people who you can’t help, and it helps others to
help you!

7.When asked what you do, be clear and concise. Make sure
you focus on the benefit you bring to your customers,
instead of “I’m a freelance writer,” how about, “I help
businesses increase their bottom line by writing killer copy
for their direct mail campaigns .” Don’t be shy and be sure
everyone who meets you knows what your business is.

8.Present yourself as a business professional at all times.
Even though you work at home, be sure you always present
your most professional self on the phone, in correspondence
and when you go out to run errands (you never know who you
will run into as you fill up your car!). Be articulate and
polite in your dealings with everyone you meet.

9.Be consistent. In your branding, your tag lines, and the
service you deliver. Your customers expect the same thing
every time they work with you. Your website and voicemail
are great ways to build your brand consistency. Use the
same colors, logos and tone in everything you do.

10.Treat your current customers like they pay for your
mortgage, car and insurance. They do. Make sure they
understand how much you appreciate them by consistently
delivering outstanding service and taking the time to listen
to their calls and concerns. In essence, treat them better
than you want to be treated yourself.

11.Track what you do. Create a spreadsheet that allows you
to note what activity you have done to market your business
and to tabulate the results. Then make sure you cultivate
the areas that are working for you.

12.Ask your clients to write testimonials for you. Your
current clients are your biggest fans, so ask them if they
would write you a letter describing the benefit you provide
them. Once you have the testimonial use it on your one-page
fact sheet, in your marketing materials and on your website.
Make sure to get your clients’ permission to use their name
and contact information in case potential clients want to
ask them specific questions.

13.Answer all requests in 24 hours or less. When a
potential client calls to find out about your service,
chances are better than good that they need service soon.
The chances that they are going to sit by the phone waiting
for your return call are slim – so make sure you are the
first business to call them back. Respond even sooner to
e-mail requests.

14.Call people back and respond to e-mail even if you don’t
provide the type of service they request. Good manners
translate as good business. By providing leads to companies
that can help them – these ‘non-clients’ can become your
fans and will recommend you to others.

For samples of the FAQs, Spreadsheets, testimonial requests
and benefit statements, email peggie@petcareuniversity.com
and request more info on the Marketing Guide for

About the Author

Peggie Arvidson-Dailey is the founder of Pet Care Business
University and the Pet-Care Business Success System™. She
is the author of the “Maintain your Love Affair with Your
Pet” Series and several articles on finding and maintaining
happy customers for pet-care businesses. As a trainer and
coach she has helped people across the country create and
build the pet-care business of their dreams. Visit
http://www.peggiespets.comfor more information

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