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How To Prioritize And Grow Your Home-Based Business


"How To Prioritize And Grow Your Home-Based Business"

By Ken Leonard, Jr.

©2002 KLJ Online

Life is all about making choices, and setting priorities. You
have made a choice to get away from the "work at a job" world,
to pursue making a living at home using your PC, or you
wouldn't be reading this right now.

Once a choice is made, your priorities must be organized to
to fully support the choice. Are your actions helping you
achieve your intended goal? If not, you need to look at your
present situation, and decide what areas or factors can be
changed to better suit the direction you wish to go.

Since making a living from home always involves advertising
of your product or service, your ad budget should be at the
top of your priority list. Adjusting your finances, doing
away with non-essential costs, will allow you to spend money
on things like educational materials, websites, domain names,
and business services that will give you a return on your

The only way to learn the "Ins and Outs" of making a living
from home is to study the people and info products that will
make your goals happen. There are quality, essential info
products available online that are must-haves if you plan to
succeed. There is also a lot of garbage going around the 'net.

Doing your homework and reading recommendations from other
successful home-based entrepreneurs can help you to find the
info that will help you greatly, not wasting your time and

It's all about learning from the top dogs that are making a
living online. One great place to start is the awesome online
marketing member-only website owned by Terry Dean.
NetBreakthroughs is a virtual diary of Terry's marketing
efforts, testing, successes and failures. It is one of the
most respected online marketing member sites on the internet.
His online marketing forum is one of the best on the web.

To be able to take advantage of this great pool of info,
one would prioritize their spending to make it possible
to pay a low monthly membership fee, and not feel the
burden of another bill to pay. If you could cut out a
small expense each month, giving you room to be able to
join one of the most helpful sites on the net (to the up-and-
coming home business person), would you make it happen?

The person that can prioritize their cash flow can learn
and make strides toward their goals that others can't. I bet
if you look at your monthly expenditures, you can find a few
things that you can do without.

Making the right choices, and setting proper priorities,
will mean the difference between success and failure in
any home-based business venture, be it online or offline.

About the Author

Direct marketing veteran Ken Leonard Jr. publishes
"New Marketer Ezine" weekly, helping to take the
headaches out of starting and growing your online
or home-based business. Get yours now by going to
http://www.kenleonardjr.com and get two useful
resources free.

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