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Basic Guidelines To Keeping Your Work-At-Home Business Legal
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How To Build Your Home-Based Business Using Autoresponders


By Ken Leonard Jr.
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"Save Time and Money Building Your Leads On Auto-Pilot"

A never ending stream of new customer leads is essential to any home-based business' success. Creating this flow of leads is as easy as writing a useful report or series dealing with your particular niche. Post this report to a sequential autoresponder, then promote your "free course", (etc.), to your target audience.

An autoresponder (AR) is basically an email address or online form with an auto-reply function. You can put any content into the reply message. When someone sends an email to the AR address, or inputs data into an online form and clicks the submit button, your reply message is sent to them instantly. Sequential ARs can send a series of messages scheduled to go out days or weeks apart. Automatically.

Using ARs to build your base of targeted leads will greatly benefit your business. A list management service offering sequential ARs (most do) can "collect" the email addresses from all inquiries received. This list will become the most important part of your business. Using a system like this will allow you to "follow up" on your interested leads. This is extremely important, as it helps you to build a relationship and trust with people on your "house list". People that "know you" will be more willing to buy from you.

There are many providers that offer free and paid AR services. Below is a short list of some of the more popular choices. Keep in mind that free services include third-party ads on "your" follow-up message. This may not look very professional to your prospective customers.




*Netsponder Pro



Advertising a free ten-part course (that would be valuable to your target customer)will get more "clicks" than an ad for your product, however tempting. Once your new lead is on your house list, you can promote your product by giving quality information in your follow-ups, and soft-sell your product, once the person feels comfortable with you. This method also lets you get repeat, or "back-end" sales from your list, which may be more profitable than the actual first sale.

Start using autoresponders in your business today. You'll be glad you did.

About the author:

Home Business Success Coaching...
Ken Leonard Jr. publishes New Marketer Ezine weekly. Get the advice and direction you want, so you can make a living working from home. If you're serious, see what others are saying about New Marketer here...

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