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Home Business Writing Made Simple


Have you ever written a letter to a friend? Ever written an
outline for any project you were about to start? What about a
shopping list? If you have, and I imagine most have, you then
can write focused, brief, content articles for your online home

Why write? Well, of course you can spend lots of money to drive
traffic to your site with absolutely no guarantee that you will
obtain a single sale. Moreover, most of the traffic, although
targeted, may leave your site and forget it ever existed. Writing
puts you personally, your site, and your products/services within
the same framework as a well-honed opt-in list of subscribers.
People remember you, learn to trust you, eventually purchase from
you, and most importantly return to purchase again and again, as
long as you continue to offer what they need.

"So how can I simplify what seems to be the arduous task of
writing", you ask?

Try this:

(1) Take out pen and paper and go someplace quiet where you can
trigger the creative side of your brain. (Yes, I said pen and
paper. Don't sit in front of the computer for this exercise.)

(2) Sit back and think for a moment about your online home
business. What do you offer? What have you learned so far about
building traffic? Have you noticed any patterns for certain
promotion methods that work? What about anything that can be
considered well needed advice to others just starting out?

(3) Now write down the first thoughts that come to your mind.
Don't edit. Your not at that stage yet. Just write the ideas,
and do this for several minutes, or until you have at least a
single page filled up.

(4) Done? Good. Now go back to the top of the list. Slowly go
through and hone the ideas. Anything that pops out as
particularly intriguing or immediately brings up related ideas
mark off for the next step. These are the ones to develop

(5) Now take out a sheet of paper for several of the ideas
marked off and write the idea at the top of the paper. (You can
use your computer now, but I tend to think better with pen in

(6) O.k. Ready? At the beginning I asked if you ever have
written a letter to a friend. Remember? Keep this in the back
of your mind always. Write like you speak. I promise you that
for short content articles to develop your online home
business, this is the tone that works. If people need a
textbook they will buy one.

(7) First make a list, sort of a shopping list of related
things to cover. Try not to get carried away. Remember - short
content articles.

(8) Now fill in the details as if you were explaining it to a

That's it. That's all there is to it. I think you will be
surprised how easy it is once you write a few. Personally, I
keep a notebook handy at all times just for ideas that I later
cultivate into short articles. When I learn something new that
I believe will be of benefit to others I make a note.

The power in this technique resides in the fact that you are
not a robot and neither are your prospects. When you write
from the perspective of friends sharing information, you step
onto a personal level. Now who wouldn't pick up on that.
Eventually, with continually writing and publishing your
articles in newsgroups, e-zines, and on other web site, your
credibility builds, your persona builds, and your traffic and
sales will build. You absolutely cannot loose with this cost
effective traffic generating strategy.

About the Author

Dan J. Fry is an independent researcher and owner of
e-Kinetic.com, a site devoted to providing resources for small
budget home businesses. He has a PhD in Physics and is married
with two daughters and two cats. Subscribe to his free E-Zine on
home business resources at mailto:e-kinetic@GetResponse.com or by
visiting his Home Business
Resources and Tips
site. He can be reached
at mailto:comp@e-kinetic.com .

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