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7 Common Internet Home Business Mistakes
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Home Business Tips - Runners and Leaders


The Leader and the Runners by Michael Hein


Every Internet publisher loves their runners; runners are extremely productive when it comes to generating traffic for them. A runner will spend most of their time:

Surfing like mad from page to page and signing up with many affiliate networks, they end up spending 80% of their time running the leaderís business.

Dreaming day in and day out about traffic and sales and using this motivation to work endless hours into the early morning updating their web page and adding more affiliate links. A good runner will also dedicate time to generating traffic and again the dream of the fantastic job they are doing and how soon all of the hard work is going to pay them with a well-deserved lifestyle spurs them on.

Runners donít stop to think because they have not enough time to get all of the work done, marketing and page updates are consuming all of the runnerís time. A runner, once established will spend more money on the books their Leaders are selling and rarely do they earn from the Ebooks they sell.

Runners have difficulty maintaining regular traffic to their site without spending a lot of time doing so.

Runners rarely have any strong web development background

Runners always want to be leaders


A leader appreciates what is necessary to maximise their opportunities and incorporates this into every single element of published material that they pass on to their runners.

They will entice a runner with a fantastic collection of Ebooks that will always contain links back to the Leaders site.

They will make use of every possible opportunity to plug their site (Auto responders, Newsletters, Re-branded Ebooks, Self written material). Remember that a leader will rarely publish material containing links to other Leaders sites, unless they have a well-calculated joint venture.

A leader may well have a well-established business and web development knowledge.

Almost all leaders have been runners but they learned and studied all materials carefully and used their intelligence to build up their first Leading business.

Leaders remember how it is that they themselves were enticed by products and sales letters and learn to duplicate this effect within others.

Are you a runner or are you a leader?

These obvious points I have made are actually very important indeed to keep in mind, the majority of us are runners and simply donít know how to achieve a leader status.

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