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Home-Based Business Safety and Security Issues
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A Common Frustration When Operating A Home Based Business
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Home Business Success Secret: Earn Money..Don't Make It!


I can remember the first trip my husband and I went on – all expenses paid – direct sales company I worked for. It was an all expense paid stay in Athens, Greece, and a cruise of the Greek Islands. Still ranks as one of the best trips I’ve ever had.

“Wow, I’m so thrilled I won this trip.”, I told a colleague.

“Debbi, you did not WIN this trip. You earned it.”

That came to mind today as I was reading an article in Jeffrey Gitomer’s newsletter. A real estate agent was writing in because he was having challenges with all the flat-rate agencies out there. Jeffrey related several problems he saw in the guy’s thinking, but then made a profound statement.

“Quit making money and start earning it.”

You see, a lot of people think that’s the same thing. And that’s why they continue to struggle in their home business or with their home based business opportunity.

Most anyone can make money, but it takes a little more creativity and gumption to earn it. Here are a few things that come to mind…which do you do?

Making money by blasting your email list with any piece of junk that has a high commission?

Or earning money by evaluating products first and recommending only those which will help your prospects and customers?

Making money by hard selling the top buy-in of your home based business opportunity (after all, that’s how you earn the big up front $$)?

Or earning money by recommending what’s right for that person and their family? Maybe even recommending a different company if that would fit their criteria better?

Making money by spamming forums and message boards with your “deal”?

Or earning money by offering suggestions, being helpful, and being seen as the “go to” person? ….always leaving a signature file, of course!

Making money by quickly throwing together an inferior product because you know that there are enough naive people who won’t recognize that?

Or earning money by providing something of value….even to those who don’t recognize the value yet.

People tend to shy away from the concept of earning money. After all, it requires work. (Just look at the examples above and you can see what I mean).

And, the world isn’t fair….some people who concentrate on making money will get more than those earning money. So, it’s a decision each person must make for him/herself.

Look at the long term value of making money vs. earning money. And look “inside” to see which feels best.

About the Author

Debbi Bressler is the Editor of The Home Business Review Magazine and has been an entrepreneur, consultant, coach and speaker since 1990. Visit Debbi's site at http://the-home-business-review.com or get her Success Pack at mailto:successpack@getresponse.com

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