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Vending Machines and the Lure of the Instant Home Based Business
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Home Based Business Success - Short And Sweet
When an EMT is bringing a dying patient into the Emergency Room, the doctor that meets him might say "Give me the bullet". A euphemism for "we don't have time for small talk or a lot of questions, tell me everything I need to know and be quick...
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Home Business Success – Do You Have The Right Mindset?


Do you have the right attitude, the right mindset, to begin your home business venture, and most importantly, make it a success?

Not sure!

Here are some pointers that might be useful to you.

Mindset #1: Your home business should be your passion
Your home business must be something that interests you the most. You must be ready to do anything and everything you can, to make it a success. If you stumble, find out your mistakes, learn from it, build on it and turn it into a success story. Never quit your business. It is only when you quit, you actually fail.

Never say, “I am going to try my home business for sometime. If it is fruitful to me, I will continue with it. If not, I will just forget it.” With this attitude, you might as well forget about your home business now. Yes, right now. There is no point in continuing when you have already fixed a time for quitting.

Mindset #2: You are your own Boss, hence more responsibility
You are your own boss. Whatever happens to your business is entirely the result of your efforts. You must strive consistently to grow your business and patiently wait for success. You can only slow down when you have become successful and after you have reached a point in your business, where your initial efforts continuously produce income for you.

Never think, “I am the boss. Whether I work or not, nobody is here to question me. I can enjoy my life. I can postpone things as I like.” This will not help you or your business.

Mindset #3: You are not an employee. You are an entrepreneur
You must be willing to invest all the time you can in building your home business. You must not be time conscious when you are working for your business. Tell yourself that it will take a lot of efforts from your side before you can see your account balance grow.

Never have the thinking that you can spend exactly 1 or 2 hours on your business everyday and can earn money for every hour you work. If you have this mindset, I am sorry, you are still an employee and not an entrepreneur.

Mindset #4: Invest before expecting an Income
Understand that you need to invest some money in your business as and when required. Learn and invest wisely. If you don’t have the money to invest, have the attitude to somehow find money by reducing your unnecessary expenses.

Don’t say, “I cannot invest any money on my business. I want to first earn from it and then I will think of investing”. With this mental outlook, it is very difficult, I repeat, it is very difficult to get a good income from your business.

Mindset #5: Think Globally
With the enormous effect of the Internet on businesses, your limit is infinite. You have millions and billions of people around the world that you can reach out to. With this huge prospect base, you can only blame yourself if you are not successful.

Don’t think you can get away just by promoting your products or business among your friends and family. Don’t limit yourself to a small circle. When you do so, you may be successful to some extent, but not to the extent your business can actually take you.

Mindset #6: Keep Learning and improving your knowledge
World is changing and so should your business in this world. You have to keep up with the new trends and tools in order to keep your business going, against the vast competition it has. You have to continue to learn and implement new ways in building your business. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Don’t assume that you know everything that is required to build your business. If you do that, you are applying brakes to your own wheels. Don’t think you cannot or will not go wrong. It is acceptable to make mistakes, but only for the first time. If you repeat it the next time, it means that you haven’t learned your lessons.

So, to be a successful home business entrepreneur, be interested in your business, invest time, money and efforts into your business, always imagine and conduct yourself as an entrepreneur, have a broad mental outlook, acquire more knowledge and skills and execute them in your business.

If you do not have these right mindsets, now is the time to make a change in your attitude. If that is done, you have to wait for nothing. Just go ahead and success will soon be yours!

About the Author

Sudhaa V Prabhu is a home business entrepreneur and the Webmaster of

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