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Take the kids to school….clean the house…..pick the kids up from school and take them to soccer practice. These are some of the daily chores a Mom and Dad face, so how is she to have time to have a career as well?

An hour and a half drive in traffic to work…………a completely demanding boss……an hour and half back home……these are some of the problems a faced when trying to spend more time enjoying family. So what does you do?

Well…the answer may be opening your own home based business. Whether it’s to spend more time with your family or simply to have greater freedom and flexibility, more Americans are longing to run their own home-based business. With new technology emerging everyday and the evolution of the Internet, home base businesses are becoming more and more viable. In fact, there are numerous franchises across the country that is seeking to capitalize on this desire.

The number one franchise in the country does not stray far from the duties of an everyday mom. Executive cleaning services are by far the most popular home based franchises in the country. There are numerous companies which make up this popular home business trend. Some of these companies are; Jani-King (which has 10,932 franchises), ServiceMaster Clean (4,418), Jan Pro franchising international (3,915), CleanNet USA (2,963), and Coverall Cleaning Concepts (8,415).

Another fast growing business is lawn care services. Lawn care services are needed in just about every area of the country. Some of the companies that are making huge growth progress in this area are as follows; the #1 franchise is LawnDoctor (460 francshises, at an average start-up cost of $80,000), WeedMan (281, start-up costs approximately $50,000), and Scotts Lawn Service (75, start-up costs are approximately $80,000).

The last business I wanted to mention is the home inspection business. This has taken off in the past few years and is presenting great opportunities for home based business success. The # 1 franchise is Pillar to post (457 franchises, with a start-up cost of $30,000), Americspec (385, approximately $30,000 in start-up costs), The Home Inspection Service (350, approximately $20,000 to start), World Inspection Service (182, approximately $40,000 in start-up costs.)

You may have your own ideas as to what business you want to start. In order to be successful in any business venture you must do ample research into the market conditions in your area, as well as prepare a business plan that will serve as a guide for you to follow. When preparing to start your own home business, it is always a good idea to contact a professional business consultant or incubator, who can help your prepare for success!

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About the Author

This article was written by Ryan M. Hoback. He is Founder of The Motivated Entrepreneur Business Incubation & Consultation. They help entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses.

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