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Home Business Common Sense


Seems like a funny idea for an article, Common Sense for Home Businesses ?

But these are the basics that everyone needs if you EVER want to make a profit online and still function at the same time. Last week you saw how Jane struggled to figure out how to explain to her spouse on how she wants to start a business. Obviously Jane used the wrong approach. Remember in school, you learned how to write a Persuasive Essay. The purpose of the essay was to persuade someone or something that your point of view is valid.

So in essence when dealing with family is almost the same way you deal with a potential customer.

You have to sell yourself

The same way you would sell your business to a bank as the next best thing to sliced bread, sell yourself to your family. Stress the benefits. Think up some of the questions that you know they will ask.

No one knows your family better than you so you know what they will ask..

1. How much is this going to cost? What do you mean you are going to use our credit card for everything?
2. Have you checked out this business opportunity with the proper agencies?
3. What about time with the kids?
4. What about me??
5. So are we going to be last on your list of priorities? Have your answers prepared and ready. Don't wait until the conversation is no longer in your control and you feel like crumbling.

Stick to your guns, if you feel passionately about starting your business, then they will pick up that vibe and help you along the way.

Now don't think that it will always be smooth sailing. Even if everyone is behind you 100%, you can be your own worst enemy so you have to make sure your fears are under control and your insecurities are not running your business.

So what if someone has an idea similar to you. That doesn't mean you should give up. Is there only one web host company out there? Is there only one place to buy a domain name. Only one software to create websites, graphics, etc? Of course, there will always be competition.

Even the mighty Bill Gates has tons of competition. I don't see many of them giving up, no they keep on going. Stick with what you can handle, don't over burden yourself. Frustration can be your biggest enemy. Don't let it bring you to a point that you can't come out from under all that negativity.

Dealing With Your Children This is a big adjustment for children. My kids were glad to see me back at home but couldn't understand why I spent all day looking at the computer hitting a bunch of keys. I started 4 years ago with no knowledge of life online. My daughters were 5 and 4 years old. The would tell their friends..

"Mommy makes money with her computer but I don't know how she makes the checks come out of the computer so she can get paid??"

But now they are 8 and 9 years old. They know exactly what I do and how much work it takes to get it done. Now that they know the basics of the computer, I had an old computer, I set that one up next to mine so they feel that they are doing something worthwhile as well. They know when I have business calls to make, they stay quietly in one room and unless its an emergency will they ask for something.

I used to joke and say "Unless the house in on fire, don't ask for anything until I am off the phone." Now they want to learn all about having their own business online.

This is where a lot of discipline comes in. What I mean by discipline I mean that you have to get your children used to the idea that while you are home, computer time means that you can't be disturbed. Keep them occupied in the meantime. Have loads of games ready for them to play. Books, activities, video tapes. They are children but they need to understand why you are doing what you do.

You can't just say, Everyone shut up I am on the computer. They may look at you like you are crazy. As children get older, they want to find out why you are on the computer. Once they understand they are more tolerable to respect your wishes. Gradually they will learn to stay relatively quiet during your business hours.

The days of "Because I said so" doesn't always work with kids of today. They want to know why.

The interesting thing about this is once you figure out how to sell yourself and how to get your spouse and children to understand YOU and understand why you have your own business, then you can use these same principles to:

Get a business loan or convince any other company that your business would be an asset to theirs (think partnerships, joint ventures)

Deal with irate customers (you will already have the answers to their questions and be able to calm them down so they stay a customer)

Deal with your employees (teach them how to be team players. You will know what makes them feel better as employees, learn what motivates your employees so they actually show up day to day and appreciate working for you.)

Earn a better relationship with all your customers. (don't think of them as just people with valid credit cards, but people who have thoughts and feelings and you will learn how to deal with each one accordingly. Nothing beats personalized services.)

So once you have your bases covered, it is now up to you to make that success. When you can get those obstacles out of the way, things seem much brighter.

How long does it take? Depends on you and your situation. We all have different situations so make a time line, write your daily goals and keep up the hope.

Don't wait until years later to say "I wish I did this and I wish I did that"

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