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Zero Cost Quality Traffic For Your Home Business
Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh Do you know that you can promote your home business absolutely free of cost? Moreover you can generate quality traffic of the potential prospects who will come to your site because they are interested in what you sell....
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37 Ways Home Businesses Haven't Changed in 40 Years
Robert Pinnick's Home Business Reflection Series Part 1 of Many "37 Ways Home Businesses Haven't Changed in 40 Years" (c)Copyright 2002 Robert Pinnick In looking over a 1959 publication called "How To Start A Successful Business - a publication...
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Home Business Building Site Makes It Easy as A, B, C


Home Business ABC is a new website that gives a roadmap for anyone’s efforts to have a bona fide network marketing enterprise within their own environs. It’s a support for the entrepreneur at heart that needs guidance along the path to achieve the sought after sense of independence from the traditional job.

There’s a fair warning given, though, that there are no “Get Rich Quick” ways to become successful on your own. Hard work and discipline are essential and most especially in the initial stages. There is also a need to work with the right tools to further enhance your chances for success. What are they?

There are three vital components to success as denoted by the A, B, and C in the website’s name. Each one is carefully described with links to their respective company websites. The merits of each company to become associated with are described in a very straightforward manner for the viewer to examine. It’s a very reader-friendly way to examine what is needed to reach the level desired by anyone who wants to venture forth in his or her own direction.

The “A” of the equation is getting involved with the right company that has excellent products that are consumed on a daily basis by consumers. The right company also must be “in the black” and have no debt. It must also be growing at a very respectable level for future earnings potential.

The company most importantly must offer a solid, more than fair compensation plan that rewards its distributors for their efforts. The other factors needed would make not an iota of difference to an entrepreneur unless his or her efforts will be justly compensated for. The website author found a company that pays 50% of total sales of commissionable product to its sales force in commissions and bonuses. This is certainly a most crucial element within the network marketing career plan and is among the best offered in the industry.

The next consideration, or “B”, is to obtain effective marketing and motivation tools to energize the whole process. This source is one of the most dynamic trainers in the field and one who wants to transform your life as well as “explode and skyrocket your sales”. There is free training available from this company as well as reasonably priced cd training tools to increase success in closing ratios, prospecting, recruiting and more.

The website author noted that he personally attended a weekend session given by this home business sparkplug and was truly impressed. This portion of the map to success is ever so important because it’s vital that the home business owner be always on top of their game. It’s the fuel that’s needed to keep the engine humming no matter what the circumstances. Life can be lived a lot easier and achievements made much quicker when somebody is right there cheering you on, right?

Every network marketer has a “warm market” of prospects that can be approached in order to develop a client base of customers and/or a downline of fellow business builders. These are, obviously, friends and relatives and associates of whatever sort. There is a need, however, to go beyond this limited scope and bring “fresh blood” into a business organization in order for it to prosper in the future. There is a need to get a source that provides home business leads once the “warm market” leads are exhausted.

The “C” portion gives focus on this element. The company listed is currently recommended to provide quality leads of people who are sincerely looking for home business opportunities. They claim to spend tens of thousands of dollars each week on advertising campaigns which drives traffic to over 500 lead capture websites that they own. This, in turn, allows them to load their database with fresh, quality home business leads. A listing of business building prospects, consequently,is made available for purchase by the entrepreneur who takes it from there.

The website www.HomeBusinessABC.com is where the three building blocks of A,B and C can be found to give a future home based business plan real direction in a very clear manner. There’s an appealing simplicity given that leads the reader through the site with ease. There are also quotes listed throughout Home Business ABC given by famous personalities that will also motivate the reader into action. Here’s one of them that might be the spark that leads some or many to make a change for a better life to be lived on their terms. Are you one of them?

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy much nor suffer much, because they live in the grey twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.” Theodore Roosevelt

About the Author

I am a partner at E-Connors Enterprises and promote various websites including the new HomeBusinessABC.com.

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