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Home Based Internet Business: Where do I start?


First, you need a niche! Your niche should be centered around a subject, product or system that you love. It should be something that you love learning about and sharing with others. Your niche should be your passion!

What are you passionate about? Football? Horses? Children? Politics? TV?

Write a list of the 10 things you are the most passionate about. If you are having trouble coming up with things, try to think about what it is that you do or talk about only because you really enjoy it. Even if you haven't participated in or talked about this passion lately, what is it?

Yes, right now, before you continue reading, write it down!

Have your list? No?

Listen, this is the most important part of the process. You will spend many hours working on your home based business. It is vitally important that you choose a niche you enjoy.

Running a business should be fun!

If you are still having difficulty finding a niche you can get excited about, take a drive out to your local grocery store, go to the magazine/book aisle and look through the magazines they are selling. Each one of these magazines are niches that people want more information on.

So, right now, write your list, and then continue reading below.

Now What?

It's time to find a highly targeted niche. This will make earning money on the Internet come much more quickly to you. In the future you can always expand, but for right now, let's start with a very specific niche.

First Go To: Overture's Keyword Selector Tool at http://inventory.overture.com

Type in your passion, and you will get a list of related keywords (which could be niches). The key is for your niche to be something very specific.

For example - If your passion is children and you type children at the above link, one of the keyword phrases that comes up might be children's crafts. You could then make this a very specific niche by choosing free children's crafts or easy children's crafts.

As I said before, you can always (and should) expand in the future, but it's best to start out with one very specific 3 word phrase.

First find 10 to 20 specific 3 word phrases that you could get excited about. Let me know what they are if you'd like, and I'll help point you in the right direction (depending on the type of niche you choose) to choose the best ones based on popularity and competition.

You can also check out NicheBot.com on your own. But I'd be more than happy to show you other places to make this decision depending on the type of niche you are going for.

I can help you get started with the first 3 word phrase webpage (choosing the phrase, adding content, getting traffic to the page and finally finding affiliate programs to join) and then you can duplicate the process over and over with 3 word phrases that relate to the first one you did.

For example, if you start out with "free children's crafts", your next phrase might be "easy children's crafts". The search engines will love you for this.

This process is very simple and duplicable. You just keep repeating the process and before you know it, you'll have a very nice income.

The power is in duplication.

You can create a whole site (all steps including design, traffic, content etc.) in about 40 hours (2 weeks if you invest 4 hours a day, 5 days a week) once you understand the process and then you are basically done with it. You just need to come back and check on it every once in a while for minor updates and to make sure that your traffic is continuing to convert into profits.

Then you will start a new site and repeat the process.

The power is in duplication.

If you need clarification on anything you've read so far, please let me know.

I look forward to hearing about your passion!

About the author:
Amanda Shoemaker is a Life and Business Coach and also offers Consulting Services to those interested in marketing their products and services online. This article is the first step in a ten step duplicable process. To access the entire 10 day Free Course visit http://www.vifluxity.com

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