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Disillusioned About Your Home Based Business?
Copyright 2005 Glen Snethun Do you sometimes feel like packing it in? Like you’ve made the wrong decision in starting a home based business? Feeling disillusioned? If the answer is yes, read on to find out where you are in your dissatisfaction...
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How to Tell if It Is a Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunity
No one likes to be taken advantage of or scammed, but how do you know if what you are looking at is a legitimate home based business opportunity?  Unfortunately, there is no way to be 100% sure that what you are looking at is a legitimate home...
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"Home Based Businesses - Heaven or Health Hazard? What You Don't Know


My name is Paul Upp. After commuting for 2 to 3 hours per day for the past 13 years I finally realized one of my lifelong dreams…. an opportunity to work from home. I now had more time with my loved ones. The ‘honey do list’ was now getting shorter rather than only growing impossibly longer. The dog would no longer growl at me as though I was a stranger. This was great.

I set up my office with a nice view of the garden. I scheduled my time so as to maximize my effectiveness. And I started to read quite a bit of material on working from home. My next goal was to bring my wife Tami, home as well. I was truly having a great time.

And then POW!

I came across an article referencing a National Cancer Institute study that found that people working from home had a 54% greater risk of cancer than those working outside the home. It was absolutely amazing to me that the energy efficiency of today’s homes coupled with the high toxicity of a huge number of our household products has us living in a toxic time bomb. To make matters even worse I now find out that numerous studies have linked asthma, headaches and even learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD with exposure to toxic chemicals.

Well now I am really angry. We have a child with learning disabilities and as a parent, one starts questioning everything they have done and everything they could have done differently.

But I think what angers me the most is the realization that somewhere along I “sold out”. In the sixties and seventies I was totally against big business and their constant focus on profits at the expense of consumer health and safety. But somewhere along the line I fell into the role of a typical consumer. I would go to the store and buy products with a total ignorance and blindness as to what I could be doing to my family, our environment and myself.

It was time to take action!

I immediately began to research alternative sources to replace a wide variety of toxic products we have around the house. I was extremely fortunate to meet a group of consumers that had the same passion that I did. They not only showed me how to convert my home, but also showed me how to do it for considerably less than we are paying today by simply changing stores. Oh, and by the way, they showed me how to purchase with a 100% money back guarantee … even if I had used the product. (Try that one at Wal-Mart.)

Now the main reason for my providing you this information is so that you can experience the same “wake-up call” that I did. Be aware of what you are doing to the well being of your loved ones and our environment. Get serious, get angry and most of all take action! Convert your home to a non-toxic healthy environment.

Please feel free to forward this to someone you care about. We are fortunate with our company. We can introduce loved ones to this company knowing that it is a shopping system that everyone can benefit from using. We don't have product distributors - just a network of satisfied customers with the ability to turn this healthy lifestyle into a vibrant business if they chose to do so.

Copyright (c) 2003

Paul Upp
Marketing Executive - Lifetimebusiness.com
Wellness Advisor

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