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Home Business: A Dream or a Nightmare
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Home-Based Business on the Rise


As America’s economy stands still, many small businesses and home-based businesses have expanded. These work at home ventures show no signs of slowing down, according to the Home Business Manual.

Many Americans dream of being able to make their own schedule, spend time with family, and make a steady income all while staying at home.

With the technology of today that dream has come true for many. The internet keeps us free from paperwork and punching a clock. It makes business portable and less complicated.

The Home Business Manual shows that 33 percent of small business owners are women, with 47 percent operating from a home base.

Home-based businesses are now being recognized as a viable source of new jobs and economic growth, according to msucares.com.

People are choosing to create their own jobs at home rather than seek employment elsewhere. Now home-based businesses make up 62 percent of all small businesses, according to the manual.

Several of these work at home opportunities being advertised are said to be misleading by those who have tried them, such as myself.

Stuffing envelopes, online surveys and assembling crafts are just a few of the business telling people they will make hundreds of dollars a week just filling out surveys or mailing brochures.

Then there are those such as AVON, Mary Kay, Mellaluca, Tupper Wear and so on, that promise high incomes when in actuality you only receive a small percentage of your sales.

These types of business schemes obviously do not work or everyone would be pretty well-off money wise.

Some of these companies never even send the materials promised, after they have received payment. These are scams! People are making money off of individuals trying to make money to provide for themselves and/or their families.

This is not true of all home-based businesses though. There are those that make you a little bit of money and then guarantee that you’ll be a millionaire in just a few short months.

Speaking from experience, I am here to tell about a real home-based business that has been successful for thousands of people throughout the United States.

Over the last few years, I have tried almost all of the types of businesses mentioned, and have lost money and been disappointed time and time again.

But this business I am in now has been around for 12 years and is growing daily. Its employees get paid every day and receive plenty of benefits. Training is provided three days a week and you can finish it without ever leaving the house. There is no paperwork required because everything can be done online.

The best thing about this home-based business is that you are not working for someone else and making them rich while you receive little to nothing. This is your own business and you are an independent business owner.

In this company you are in business for yourself but not by yourself. If at anytime you have questions or need anything, there are plenty of numbers and websites provided for you.

This is an opportunity to build a business that will actually make you money, not only for now but for your entire lifetime! In the unfortunate event of your death your business and money made will go to your family.

This company is with the Dallas Better Business Bureau and has been featured on 60 Minutes. They are one of the few companies that save people money while making people money.

It is possible to earn $600 to $2000 in your first month, and this is only the beginning. No experience is necessary and the only requirement is that you be comfortable talking to people.

For more information on this business opportunity visit www.shay4success.simpleasabc.com or email me at shay4success@simpleasabc.com.

You cannot afford to pass this up. This is the new American workplace, your own home.

About the Author

Ms. Bryant is currently a reporter/photographer for a newspaper in Jacksonville, FL. She has recently started her own business and is now recruiting others. Visit her website at www.shay4success.simpleasabc.com.

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