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Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing A Home Based Business
Women Entrepreneurs Guide To Financing A Home Based Business (C)2005 BB Lee It's a fact, over 66 percent of new business owners are women. And did you know that women entrepreneurs are 75 percent more successful than their male counterparts at...
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When to Start a Home Business?
I find that most people seem to start trying to make Money online with a Home Business at the wrong time. They just lost their job, there spouse just lost theirs or money problems have overwhelmed them. They are in a disparate situation, they need...
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Home Based Business Success - Short And Sweet


When an EMT is bringing a dying patient into the Emergency Room, the doctor that meets him might say "Give me the bullet". A euphemism for "we don't have time for small talk or a lot of questions, tell me everything I need to know and be quick about it". This article has to be short, so here comes the bullet.

My website will show you a very smart way to take some area of knowledge or interest you have and create a website that carefully targets the specific nuances of that subject that offer the greatest potential for profit. Further, it includes a means to very quickly and easily dump your knowledge into what I like to call an "online business creation tool" that cranks out a high traffic website with the absolute minimum of time and effort.

The method involves being very smart about how people use search engines, very smart about search engine optimization (designing a website to rank highly with search engines to increase traffic), very smart about other traffic strategies, and very smart about turning the resulting traffic into money in your bank account.

It also involves being very smart about gathering everything that goes into creating this kind of a business into one place, and hiding it's power and all of the technology needed to put it there from the end user -- you. So, all you have to know is your subject (it can be absolutely anything that people search for on the internet), and you need to know precisely zero about the huge pile of technology that is needed to make a business on the Net succeed.

I'm a retired Software Engineer. I know internet technology inside and out, and like a welder who stands before a remarkable skyscraper and truly appreciates the steel that makes it stand there, I am awed by how this method simplifies the process of building a website, tweaking it to within an inch of it's life to get the most out of the search engines, doing all the right things to get it noticed and ranking high in the search engines, and setting up the necessary "monetization" strategies to pull in money with that traffic.

Before I came accross this method, I started three different online ventures, and all of them failed. Not for any technical reason, but simply because I didn't do the right things from a business standpoint to rake in the money. I had fancy pages that used CGI scripts and php and server side includes and the whole works...and none of it brought in any money.

Now though, I use this fabulous gadget called SiteSell to create my web businesses, and sit back and marvel at all the great stuff that I know is going on behind the curtain. Does it bother me not to be writing HTML code and hooking it to an SQL database and on and on...nope, I have another non-profit website for that sort of fun. Will it bother you not to be wallowing around down in the depths of the internet technology that you are controlling from the easy chair...I doubt it, especially after the checks start coming.

Have a look at http://www.real-home-based-business-opportunity.com

About The Author

Jeff Pritchard is a successful online entrepreneur with several successful websites. His most recent site shows you how to benefit from all of his online mistakes:

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