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Paradigm Shifts & Responsibility... Understanding the Logic of Building A Home-Based Business...
© Copyright 1998-2004 Thom Reece All Rights Reserved "...one of the marks of a paradigm shift is that what used to be considered peripheral, moves to center stage." (Thomas Kuhn) What Thomas Kuhn is talking about, in the quote above, is...
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5 Precise Success Factors You Need to Build a Successful Home-based Business on the Net
1. Yourself - You are the most important resource that you bring to the table. And, a positively charged attitude will serve you better than an MBA from a prestigious university. I really believe that. Your attitude only exists in your...
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Home Based Business Story The Importance of Enthusiasm In Success


Falling off his lily pad was nothing new to Yerkle the frog. Sometimes he enjoyed just sinking in the water, until he would thud- hit the bottom. This would usually pull him out of his daze. Today, however as Yerkle hit the water the other frogs were right there with a special surprise. They had toilet papered his pad. Painted "kick me I'm stupid" on his frog butt. And were now planning to give Yerkle a frog wedgie.

(Don't ask me how you give a frog that doesn't wear underwear a wedgie.)

Yerkle hadn't always been like this, at one time is was quite an enthusiastic tad-pole. But years of being made fun of by mean students and even some teachers had caused Yerkle to remain mostly to himself on his Lily Pad.

You see now Yerkle had all the enthusiasm of a kid who has been told by his parents to "Clean out the Garage" on the first day of summer when his friends were going down to the lake swimming.

The joke around the pond was what's more exciting? Watching Yerkle sit on his Lily pad or watch paint dry. Why watching paint dry of course. At least it won't make you want to croak!

However, as unexciting as Yerkle was, he was just as brilliant. He was known around the pond as the "EggHead Genius." He was actually quite proud of this title and even had a sign placed near his pad with the words, "Yerkle the Frog- EggHead Genius!"

Yerkle was always thinking up incredible ideas. He would write them in his journal, but that was as far as his ideas went. You see many of the other frogs thought that his ideas were stupid...too far fetched to work. They certainly couldn't get excited about any of them. Yerkle was so boring and lacking of enthusiasm that is was contagious. The other frogs just assumed that if Yerkle wasn't very enthusiastic about any of his ideas than there was no way they should be either.

Time passed and then one day many years later Yerkle croaked and sunk to the bottom of the pond. His many journals were placed in the local frog library were they just sat collecting dust for several hundred years. Then one day a young frog student named Kermit, while doing research in the library uncovered Yerkle's journals.

Kermit was much like Yerkle in that he had constantly been made fun of as a youth by the other frogs. But Kermit, while down hadn't been defeated. He certainly had absorbed his share of "slings and arrows" but that hadn't stopped Kermit.

Kermit started to read through Yerkle's Journal and became absolutely fascinated. For in these journals dating back several centuries were the ideas and plans for many incredible inventions. Like the FrogoCopter. He sold those plans to Bell Helicopter for their latest modern day helicopter.

The Frogoputer, the forerunner of the modern day computer. He sold ths idea to a couple of college guys by the names of Steven Wozniak and Steve Jobs. That year in 1976 they started a company named Apple.

It even had the plans for a computer operating system called "WaterPads 95". He sold this to a whizkid Harvard dropout named Bill something or other. He started a company with his buddy Paul out in Washington named Microsoft and WaterPads 95 later turned into Windows 95. It was absolutely amazing the list of ideas and inventions contained in Yerkle's journals. He was even nicknamed Yerkle Da Vinci, after that famous human Leonardo Da Vinci.

And what ever happened to Kermit. Well it seems Kermit in spite of his rough upbringing in the pond rose above his rough surrounding. Kermit invested the money he earned from these sales in a television production company along with his friend Jim Henson. You probably know Kermit as the star of TV and Movies as Kermit the Frog of Muppet fame.

And look at Kermit today. Kermit is always upbeat and enthusiastic, you never see him down. And Kermit credits this enthusiasm to his great business success today.

And what ever happened to those bullies who used to pick on Kermit. Well their sour disposition caused them to greatly age before their time (At only 35 they look at least 85). They now play a couple of old farts. You've probably seen them, except now instead of Kermit they harass Fozzie the Bear on Kermit's Muppet show.
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©2005 Nick A. James offers info, tips and news on nutrition, health and working from home. His many years of Internet Marketing expertise puts him in unique position to help others starting a home business. For free reports and breaking info contact him at: http://www.health-goji-juice.com

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