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How to find the perfect home business?
With so many scams over the Internet, It's no wonder that people find it hard to find a reliable home business! In this article, I will try to give you a few pointers on what to look for before joining a home business! 1. Company reliability:...
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Ever Dream of Your Own Home Business?
Do you ever dream of owning your own home based business? You know the dream; work on your hours, in your pajamas, sweats or what ever! We have seen the countless ads, emails, websites, etc. on how to make big bucks right from your home. So...
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Get Over Your Fear Of Losing Money To Succeed At Any Home Business


By Ken Leonard Jr.
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Many readers just like yourself want to be able to quit their jobs and work for themselves instead. Some have seriously thought about it, but have not taken that big step to actually get started.

Just imagine what you could accomplish in the next year if you started today.

Your biggest obstacle to getting started may be a fear of failure. Having negative thoughts lets you envision spending lots of money on your business and losing it all.

Once you have realized that everyone that succeeds has also failed, you'll see that using your failures in a positive manner is the 'key to success' that you've been looking for. You must tell yourself that you are going to be willing to take (calculated) risks, and will always use the results in a positive way. Only then will you be prepared to start a small business of your own.

If you are really serious about working for yourself from home, you will see that money spent on achieving your goals is money well spent. We're talking business tools and resources, advertising and educational material, that together will prepare you and allow you to do business on the internet in a professional and profitable manner. Investing in your business is a necessity, so if you can't get over your fear losing money, it's in your best interest to work on it.

As long as you understand this...

You don't want to just throw money at an ad campaign. Avoid spending money needlessly. Spending a lot isn't going to make it work any better. Be sure to always research educational material like eBooks and courses or any business tools and resources before you buy. It's easy to go on the internet and read through user feedback for virtually any product or service available online.

Following recommendations from trusted sources, like your favorite ezine publishers, is always a good way to go. It is likely that they have used these products themselves, and can tell you first-hand whether or not they are worth your time and money.

Some ezine publishers may not print negative comments about products from other companies, but will speak with you candidly by phone or by email. And don't be afraid to order a product that they recommend. If you find their publication helpful, think about giving back and use their affiliate links. (You've got to give to get.)

To avoid losing more money, be sure not to overspend on your advertising. A common way to lose money is by spending a lot on your first ad buy. Odds are that you will lose every time. The key is to always start out small. Start out buying $10 classified ads to test your ad copy and the ezines where you are running your ads. When you get a good idea which ad is doing the best for you, and which ezines pull the best for you, then it's time to start buying some $25 top sponsor ads. Now you test again. When something is really working, you're ready to buy some solo ads at $50-$150 each. Solos are sure to be your most profitable ezine ads.

Continue with this process, reinvesting at least 50% of your profits back into more ads. Can you see what happened here? You just conquered your fear of losing money.

I knew you could do it.

About the author:

Home Business Success Coaching...
Ken Leonard Jr. publishes New Marketer Ezine weekly. Get the advice and direction you want, so you can make a living working from home. If you're serious, see what others are saying about New Marketer here...

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