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StartingStarting A Home Based Business Requires The Proper Mindset A Home Based Business Requires The Proper Mindset
After helping thousands of people start up their own home based businesses on the the Internet, I have come to recognize two of the most important factors for identifying people that should NOT attempt to start a home based business. If...
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Home-Based Business Owners Save Thousands on Their Income Tax!
Do You Qualify For Home-Based Tax Deductions? New changes in the tax laws have made it easier than ever to claim Home Office Deductions and keep more of what you earn. If your home is a place of business, many of your personal expenses can...
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Free Home Business Software Is Out There!


Free home business software can give you a head start to making your dreams come true. There are varieties of software programs available on the Internet that can help as you embark on your new adventure. All new entrepreneurs need gain access to information to make the important decisions that come with business ownership. With the use of free home business software, novice business owners can work like MBAs.

Accounting is one of the main areas that businesspeople need assistance with. Free home business software exists for all facets of the accounting cycle. One program very beneficial to small business owners is InstantCashBook 3. Simple and easy to use, this tool is meant to help small business operators record daily financial transactions. Enter your daily receipts and this program will prepare Income and Expense Statements. It is very easy to use and requires no formal training in accounting. InstantCashBook 3 also will prepare tax reports in a timely manner. This program is a shareware offering a free 30-day trial.

Invoicing and billing is another area that is difficult for some business owners starting out. Free home business software is obtainable for this duty as well. InstantInvoice 3 for the small business can track customer payments and outstanding invoices. It works very fast setup and is easy to use. You can print reports like invoice listings, sales by customer, and outstanding invoice lists. Individual customer statements can also be generated. It too is available as shareware free for 30 days.

Free home business software can be found for the greatest threat to your business, if you use the Internet, viruses. If you use your computer online for any reason, a worm or some other form of virus such as worms can get into your system and totally wreck your hard drive. Fortunately, there are programs out there which you can use absolutely free. One such virus protection program is avast! With the latest version you can protect your computer and thus your business’ information network. New viruses pop up all the time. To get virus protection, simply download from their website, follow the instructions, and you can use their product for one full year, free of charge!

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