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Low-Cost Home Based Business Advertising - Give a Little, Get a Lot
Starting out in your home based business can be a time of strict budgeting. Many new home based business owners find it difficult to discover low-cost home based business advertising, but it does exist - right under their noses. So how do you sniff...
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7 Money Saving Tips to Decrease Home Business Expenses
We all know that running a home business is highly satisfying, and at times downright liberating! No clock to punch, no dress code, and best of all, no boss to answer to. But there are also many facets of business ownership that entrepreneurs must...
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Five Things TO do When Starting a Home Business


Iím going to take a chance here and bet that you havenít heard at least one or two of my suggestions, and maybe none of them. These are not your normal home business suggestions.

1. Buy yourself at least two 5 subject notebooks. I prefer the smaller 9 ĹĒ size. That way, they donít take up much room at your computer table. You can keep track of your ID#ís, passwords, ideas, urls, to do lists and your checklists when advertising. Now I know, I know, this is the old fashioned way, but for quick reference, this method canít be beat.

2. Get up and take at break at least once every two hours. I know that I have been guilty of sitting here for hours on end, only to get up and find out that either my legís asleep, Iím staving to death because I completely forgot lunch, or that I have forgotten to get the laundry out of the dryer and now itís all wrinkled. (headaches, backaches and a stiff neck are also a result of this) Get up and stretch, look out the window, take a walk, anything to refresh yourself.

3. Keep a big jug of ice cold water by your computer. I used to hate water till I bought a water filter and now I drink my 8 glasses a day, just like Iím supposed to. This is not only very healthy, it also helps with #2 above. I drink it without even thinking about it because itís there, next to the puter. Do make sure that itís a container that is not easily knocked over.

4. Decide when your hours will be. Now I know that having a home business means that you have flexible hours but Iím talking about a quitting time. Decide what it will be and stick with it. You will be happier, your family will be happier and you wonít have to hear ďAre you still on the computer?Ē Most professional people will understand if you donít reply to them
at 8:00 at night. Oh, and donít check your e-mail before you go to bed!! Itís never as simple as that.

5. Believe in yourself. How long have you wanted to work at home? How long have you dreamed of owning your own business? You trust yourself, right? Apply yourself, learn, listen to your heart. Put forth the effort and commitment it takes to succeed. Avoid the ďwhat ifĒís, regrets and disappointments that come with passing up on your dreams and goals. Go for it!!

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I have been online since February, 2001, learning marketing and sales techniques and love to pass on any info that might help others. Currently, I'm having great marketing success with 10 Minutes A Day Marketing plan http://www.10minutesaday.net/members/thdesigns/index.shtml

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