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Five Powerful Tools For Home Based Business Success


In my experience with home businesses I have been fortunate to be around a lot of successful people who could really assist me with my own success. The reason I jumped out of the work-a-day world to the home based business is because I knew if I found someone who really made the money they claim is possible, then I knew I could do it.

I was able to meet people personally within the first couple weeks of my getting started who were earning six figures every month consistently. I was also fortunate that they didn’t want to keep it a big mystery as to how that was done. He shared with me what the keys to his success were.

I believe that by giving back here in this article and giving you those keys that I will be edifying the whole home based business industry. I also believe that by helping others, I in turn will be helped. Actually, before I start with the tools I wanted to reiterate what I said in one of my previous articles.

Why are you doing your home business? Take a second as if I’m right here, just me and you….is that it? You just want more money? What for? Don’t just say you want to travel. Go looking around on the web and pick some places and price them out. Then you will have an idea how much money you need and have a clear target. Ok, on to the tools.

The first thing that all the successful people I’ve known have in common is that they are students of personal development. Have you ever met some really high up people? They have a certain spark or quality. You just want to get on board whatever it is they are doing. All the ones I’ve known spend about 30 minutes daily in any or all of the following: reading classic books on growing your mind, spiritual devotion, journaling, or listening to audio books. You can’t have what those people have while be-ing the person you are (I’m assuming you have your sights set higher than where you currently are).

You must be-come something different than you are today. I used to think that if I only had a multi-six figure income, then I’d do all those things those people do and I’d be somebody! Have-do-be. The people I met in my journey told me I had it backwards. You must be the person you want to be and do the things they do, then you can have what they have. Be-do-have.

What that means in concrete terms is that in your mind you must have already accomplished the goal of the big income. You must act like that person when you are meeting new people, going to whatever kind of presentation your business does, or calling people on the phone. You must make the decisions those people make. Do you spend some money on marketing your business or buy a TV? Do you listen to your brother-in-law who says it’s not a real business?

To assist you in being somebody different we have the second tool: daily meditation and visualization. You must picture over and over in your mind that day or time when you have accomplished your goal. Allow yourself to drink in the smell and feel of that new BMW. Picture the realtor handing you the keys to your dream home.

You will get what you focus on. Your subconscious mind will try and deliver whatever it is you think about all day. The alternative would be that your brain would be in sort of a conflict and you’d think you were going crazy.

The third tool isn’t really a tool, but it is an integral part of the picture. Income producing activity everyday. If your business involves getting on the phone, then you must do it. Money will not fall out of the sky. If your business involves going to people’s houses, then you must do it. You are not going to make money surfing eBay, rearranging your desk, or chatting with people already in your business.

The fourth tool is masterminding with other leaders. Unless you are incredibly rare, you have to be in the environment of people who are where you want to be. I’ve heard it so many times: take the incomes of the five closest friends you have and average them – your income will be pretty close to that!

One hundred years ago, Edison, Firestone, Carnegie and people like that used to get together each year to just be together. Who are the board of directors for your business? Does that scare you? It should! Seek out successful people no matter what walk of like they are from, whether or not they even have money (i.e. clergy, prominent volunteers, people who overcame disabilities, etc).

The fifth tool is to cultivate the expectation of leadership. Be the leader! People will not follow you if you’re waiting around for something to happen. If you are the proactive one who has the goals and the vision, people will follow you. You will be irresistibly attractive to them on the phone or in a meeting. As you meet people and you are looking to build your business, you must BE the leader they are looking for!

If you are consistent and persistent in all of these you will be unstoppable! Go get ‘em!

About the Author: Ron LeBlanc, PE spent 20+ years in science and engineering when woke up to his true potential and began working from home. He lives in Boulder, CO and works out of his home. He enjoys helping other people learn to do home based businesses. Get his tip-filled newsletter and some special offers at http://www.be-do-have.com

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