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Finding the Perfect Part-Time Home Business


The Internet has created a whole new era that's added incredible
flexibility to business. Through an affiliate program, you can now have
all the power of a dynamic, global company at your backing and still
run it from the computer in your bedroom.

Or, you can waste a bunch of money on hyped up programs that will
gain you nothing whatsoever.

Having said that, do you want to know how to find the right program?

The following points will focus on finding a program that can be
handled on a part-time basis and still have unlimited earning potential.
That's not to say that the same program can't be worked full time or
simultaneously with other programs. That, of course, depends on
each individual's desires.

Consider the following aspects when looking into affiliate programs.

TWO TYPES -- Simple and Dynamic

Simple programs usually involve the sale of just one item or group of
items such as ebooks. With these, the important things to look for are
legitimate, worthwhile products, and a good sales site. As long as
what you will be selling is really something you recommend and view
as valuable, these simple programs can be great. However, you want
them to have good, compelling sales copy on the site that moves
visitors smoothly along to the order button. These may or may not
last as income producers, but can be profitable for at least short term.

Dynamic programs contain more aspects and are ones that usually last
longer and can build you better residual income. Consider the
following points when investigating them.


Basically speaking, your job in any affiliate program is advertising. To
be successful, you must continually get new people to visit the web
site or sites of the program you are working. The first thing to look
for in a good program, however, is what happens with the people you
do get to visit the site.

There must be some sort of system in place to retain site visitors and
to credit them to you. That means getting people's names and email
addresses and keeping them in a database showing that they visited
the site through your link.

Take a look at what the program does to get this information from
people. Does it offer further information by auto responder or in
print? Does it offer an ezine? Does it offer product giveaways or
contests? There must be a system in place, and preferably more than
one, to get contact information from visitors in order to follow up,
especially if there is a fair sized price tag on the company's products
or for joining in the business.

This makes your initial marketing more effective by working harder on
the site visitors you get.


Follow up is critical for any business, and what your company
practices in terms of following up is especially critical if you only want
to work part time. In a traditional MLM, you are the one who needs
to follow up leads. In a good affiliate program, however, your
company should do this for you. Does the company promise to send
out follow up information to leads generated? Also, does the
company stay in touch with those that have made purchases and
encourage repeat buying?

If you only plan to work a few hours per week on a business, those
hours need to be spent on advertising for new customers or
prospects. Following up and 'getting the sale' is too time consuming
to be done quickly.


Another aspect to consider is the handling of support functions.
When people buy products, will they be looking to you if they have
problems or want a refund? A good company will handle all of that
for you. Also, support should be provided for those you refer to the
business as well. It always pays to help your downline build their
business, but again, this is not easily done on a few hours per week.
Consider how the company provides support for both you and your


Another aspect of obvious concern is the actual products you will be
advertising. Is there only one package that is involved with people
signing up to the program, or are there other products as well? If
there are more products to be sold, that just gives you more ways to
make profits. As well, it gives you more to work with in your
advertising. Consider what the company provides to potential
customers. This is really what your advertising must be based on.
Essentially, the more there is to the program, the more there is to
work with.

Naturally, there must be a market for the products. Is there room for
expansion in the market the products fall under? Is there a lot of
competition or does the company have a good, unique line?


The bottom line is the more the company does with and offers to the
prospects you send it, the better you will do. You need to be able to
focus as solely as possible just on advertising. In looking for a solid
part-time money maker, consider these factors, what you have time to
do or are willing to do, and then make your decision from there.

The perfect program will not be the same for everyone, but at least
this information will get you thinking as to what is right for you.

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