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Enjoy a holiday, enjoy a home business


Although I have not done an actual survey, most people I know who are involved in a travel business of one kind or another are successful. That is apart from the fact that everybody is so envious about the business they are involved in.

Apart from the travel business being a glamorous industry to be involved in, there is the fact that chances of getting bored are slim. How do you get bored discussing and arranging holidays to all sorts of exotic places all over the world?

We all know that interest has a lot to do with success. After the initial excitement of starting a business wears off, the interest and sheer enthusiasm takes over. Where these feelings are absent then failure is almost a certainty.

And yet when you look at how people start businesses these days, you quickly realize that most set themselves up for failure long before they get started. The situation has actually been made worse by the internet with the huge amount of hype and half-truths being pedalled around. The result is that many people are lured into businesses that promise quick cash. The focus shifts from what type of business it is and whether it is suitable to the particular individual, to how quickly one can generate a fortune from it.

What ends up happening is that the person joining the opportunity parts with the cash (which is the whole objective of most of these so-called business opportunities) and the would-entrepreneur is left holding the pieces as the hype promoters continuously fatten their bank accounts.

It would therefore be very useful if a person decided in advance, what sort of business they are going into and why.

By making a decision to go into the travel industry, you will have already decided that whatever particular business opportunity you opt for, it will not bore you to tears. Already that is a major step towards success.

About the Author

Don Lim, Jr is involved with a travel home business opportunity that genuinely delivers on all the promises it makes. Write to coastal88@comcast for a free digital brochure of the business or visit his web sites at www.coastal88.vacationpower.com?ck3 or www.coastal88.com

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