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Why go into business from your home?
There are many different types of home based business opportunities to consider, if you are pursuing this way of earning a living. There are so many options available out there. Finding the one that fits your needs is the challenging part. You have...
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Balance Your Home Business and Your Family Life?
I've read so many articles lately about balancing your life - family, business, spiritual, health and wellness - all of it. Admittedly, I was determined to do the same. Why not? There were all these power women out there, doing just that! Why...
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Are you Ready to Start a Home-Based Business?


Becoming a successful Home Based Business Entrepreneur does not happen by accident. Network Marketing is a learning process which requires time and research. Not all programs work for all people. You will need to find the one that fits you.

Building an Online Business has become more simplified, therefore we no longer need a College Degree in Marketing to build a successful business, but we do need to educate ourselves.

First and foremost we need to evaluate ourselves and our individual circumstances.

Is a home-based business really for me? Take this simple survey:

Do I have the time and resources to start a home based business?

Do you do things on your own, are you a self-starter and can motivate yourself?

Am I a people oriented individual, can I carry on a conversation with anybody?

Can I complete tasks in a timely manner, am organized and stay focused?

Do I have a plan before I enter into a major decision?

Will I work hard for something I really want and make a list of goals?

Are you a decision maker, you can evaluate situations and proceed with confidence?

Am I trustworthy, do I have an honest and open manner?

Am I willing to stick with a decision once my mind had been made up?

How did you do? Are you ready to start your own Home-Based Business?

Do you possess the following traits?

1. Determination: I have found that individuals who have decided to become self-employed either "in the real world" or "on the internet" are a determined group. Once they become comfortable with the area they have chosen, they pursue it endlessly. The ups and downs of any business can be enough for you to throw in the towel. Being self-employed is not as easy as a task as some imagine when they first decide "I can do this"

2. Motivation: Okay, now you have convinced yourself that you can do this. In the beginning your emotions run on high speed. You advertise, build networks, and spend long hours working each day. Successful Network Marketers do not need a pat on the back every day. They assess what they have or have not accomplished. They go with the flow, they except change as a natural progression of the business.

3. Self-confidence: As changes occur successful Network Marketers assess the changes that need to be made to stay in the "pack" They are knowledge seeking individuals, who will take that "extra step" to gain the information they need to stay on top of their business. They are not afraid to seek out the professionals and ask questions.

4. People-Oriented: Being able to communicate, provide training and services to your customers. Successful Network Marketers have the ability to communicate to their customers. They have gained the knowledge; therefore they are the experts in their field. They provide the training and support their customers need to be successful. They go the "extra mile", they direct, motivate and support their customers.

5. Resourcefulness: They have the ability to solve problems by finding creative ways of dealing with problems that arise. They remain patient and focused to the task at hand.

6. Objectivity: They can assess and evaluate what risks that may be involved with a particular decision. They understand their limitations, capabilities and know which course of action to pursue.

Your initial Things to do List

Home office:

Does your current home office have all the items you need to get started?

1. Computer Capability

2. Printing Resource

3. Contact Resource

4. Internet Connection Resource

How many hours a day do you want to invest?

Take a hard look at your current situation. Be realistic. Set goals for yourself. Stick to your schedule. Work smarter not harder. Stay organized.

If you are already employed and are looking for a part-time business then you will have less time to invest initially. Once you have gotten the feel of your new business, then you can add hours per day as needed.

How much money do I want to invest?

Realistically in order to build a successful Home-Based Business you will at some time need to invest some monies.

Just as you would in a “real world” business.

Advertising Costs

Website Development

Incentive Programs Offered through the Company

Office Supplies

Make a daily check list of tasks to be performed.

Keeping a log of contacts, and programs you are interested in joining or have joined.

Email Addresses

Business Contacts

Advertising Partners

Link Partners


ID numbers

Being organized and armed with the proper tools will enable you to “Start a Home-Based Business”.


You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as the bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated/gworkp@yahoo.com

Written by Tina Rideout, successful Work at Home Team Member, and Author of Work at Home 101. For more information visit her at http://free-internet-home-based-business.com


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Why Start A Home Business?
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