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The True Secrets to Success for Home Businesses
There are two major types of people in this world that I see. Both types can be broken down into more specifics, but overall there are only two types of people. There is that 99% of the world that is normal, who will work for other people for at...
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In Home Daycare Businesses for Profit
To have one of the popular in home daycare businesses. Many people think all you have to do is love kids and have a home. But to have a successful daycare business, it takes a little more than that. Actually, it takes a lot more. Yes, to have one...
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A Professional Image for Your Home Based Business


In business, a professional image is everything.  No matter how much we would like to believe that your competence or ability should matter more, many people still hold a prejudiced ideology that you are not professional if you have a home based business. Yet, there are a number of things you can do to gain that professional image to draw in even the skeptics.

First of all, make sure you gain a professional image through a professional business name.  It is worth the small amount of money to go ahead and register your business under a “DBA” or file papers for incorporation.  Plus, use that name in your letterhead and on your business cards.  Most clients don’t really think about how inexpensive or easy it is to register a business name, but they do notice the professional sounding company name itself.

Also, you can get a serviced office address that does not cost a lot and allows you to have a professional sounding address.  If you use a serviced office, it also allows you to meet with clients in a professional setting, preventing them from showing up at your home based business.  These serviced offices often make meeting rooms available for a flat fee, and they give your home based business that professional image you are seeking.

Another area of some concern for home based business owners is the telephone, especially if you have young children or pets whose behavior is often unpredictable.  It is important that your phone calls sound like they are being made or taken from a business in order to maintain that professional image.  One way to handle this situation is to only offer your phone number to existing clients.  Since they already have experienced your professionalism and competence, there should be few issues with you working out of your home.

If you do not want to give out your home business number, you could hire an answering service in order to maintain that professional image.  This way there is a service answering your phone telling the client that you are on another call or with another client and taking a message.  If you have a serviced office, an answering service is usually included.  This way, you will always be prepared when you take a business call, making your phone conversations professional.

Another way to offer your home based business a more professional image is to get a professional domain name based upon the name of your business.  For under $10 per month, you get an e-mail address for your business that sounds much more professional.  Most of the time, you will also have the option of creating a website to go with that domain name, giving your business a much more professional image.

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