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6 Points To Think About Before Going Fulltime With Your Work At Home Business


There comes a time in every work at home business owner’s life when that question keeps nagging in their mind : “Should I Work At Home Full Time?” Many home based business owners do their businesses part time, and still keep their “day job”. Often this is the best way to get going. When one starts their own work at home business, it’s always as a “hobby” or a supplement to the main source of income.

But as time passes by and the work at home business begins to blossom and profit, you wonder if it’s time to go full time. Before you venture into a full time work at home business, here are 6 points to think about.

1) Justify the reasons for wanting to go fulltime.

Ask yourself what the real reason is, for wanting to go fulltime. Is it because you think you are ready? What does “ready” mean? Are you doing it because someone told you to do it? Whatever the reasons for it, it’s a good idea to sit down, with your significant other – if you have one, and talk or think it through. Write down the reasons and make sure you are doing it for the RIGHT reasons. Make sure you are fully aware of what you plan to do and all the consequences. If you have a job right now, think about being fired from it this very day. Can you survive? Can you pay the bills? Can you support your family? Going full time is a serious step in your work at home business life. Make sure you understand that and are taking the step for the right reasons.

2) Change of mindset

Working part time on your home based business and doing it full time are two different things. You will have to have a change of mindset about how you do business if you are to succeed in going full time. You cannot afford to not know exactly how your business makes money right now. Nothing should be “miraculous” about your work at home business. Everything should be clear to you. No hidden aspects. If you want to go fulltime, then you need to be in control of your business 100%.

It’s like moving up from little league to professional baseball. The same type of commitment, attention to detail, the NEED to succeed and the will to win has to be in you. Remember that once you go full time, you need to go all the way. There’s no “half way” if “full time”. So make sure that you are ready for a total change in mindset.

3) Have money in the bank

I don’t care HOW good you think your work at home business is doing right now you simply CANNOT go fulltime unless you have at least 6 months savings in the bank. Sit down and write down the total monthly expenses you incur right now. Add both your personal and business expenses. Add an additional 10% as “unseen expenses”. Now multiply that by 6. That’s how much you should have in the bank right now, before you even THINK of going full time.

You simply must have something to fall back onto, a “safety net” that’s there in case your decision to go full time didn’t turn out to be the right one. You have no idea what fulltime would be like or how your business will perform once you go full time. Your recent business profits might have been due to seasonal spikes in customer buying habits and you might suffer a drastic decline in profits just as you go fulltime. So always have something to fall back onto.

4) Don’t burn all the bridges

Many people who had a “9 to 5” job and went full time with their work at home business make one hug mistake. They get into the “fire your boss” mode and sever all links with their employer and quit on bad terms. This is a big mistake. Never leave your current employer on bad terms. Don’t call your boss up and tell him or her off and not show up for work one day. Be professional and give notice. Explain your reasons for quitting and make sure you leave as a professional. This job has provided for you for this long. You’ve earned it – yes – but it’s been your lifeline all this time. Don’t simply kick it away just because your work at home business is doing good now and you THINK are ready to do it full time. Be professional and leave graciously. You never know when that job you once had begins to look really good 6 months down the line and $6000 dollars down the “hole”. If your decision to go full time with your work at home business doesn’t work out, you’ll at least have a job to go back to. Think about it.

5) Leverage and Automate

Before you take the plunge and go full time, try to leverage and automate right now. Leverage by getting others to do your work for you. IE: Having an army of affiliates promoting your products. There’s only so many hours a day you can work and it’s a good idea to get more people to do work for you than trying to do everything yourself. Creating your own affiliate program and recruiting affiliates is the best way to go.

You can automate your business processes to free up more time for yourself. If you find that you spend 2 hours sorting through and sending emails, try to find a tool or service to do it for you. There are many cheap yet powerful tools in the market that can do common yet time consuming business chores for you. Research and automate your business. It will help you greatly. Do this before you go fulltime.

6) Test before you go fulltime

Before you quit your job and go fulltime, you need to test your work at home business to see if it can really generate as much as you THINK it will. Don’t assume that since you work 3 hours a day on your home based business right now that if you work 6 hours a day you can double your profits. It’s not as cut and dry as that. Increasing your monthly profits is not as easy as working twice hard. You need to test your theories and make sure they are sound. Never go fulltime on a half hearted plan.

Working fulltime on your home based business is a big step. Thus treat it like one. Make sure you think it through clearly and with someone else as well. Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion. What ever you do, make sure you do it for the right reasons and that you are REALLY ready to work at home fulltime.

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