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“Managing Your Time In A Home Business”
This article is free to reprint with all attachments and authors credits in place. A courtesy copy of the publication would be appreciated. “Managing Your Time In A Home Business” Is your business still an inspiration, or has the pressure of time...
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Ways to Keep Your Home Based Business Organized
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37 Ways Home Businesses Haven't Changed in 40 Years


Robert Pinnick's Home Business Reflection Series Part 1 of Many
"37 Ways Home Businesses Haven't Changed in 40 Years" (c)Copyright 2002 Robert Pinnick

In looking over a 1959 publication called "How To Start A Successful Business - a publication put out by Science and Mechanics magazine, it occurred to me that not a lot has changed in 40 years.

America has always been a country that encourages entrepreneurship, even during the Industrial age. Working for someone else, although thought to be secure at one time, has not always been the choice preferred by many independent-minded folks.

Many people have trouble with the prospect of bumper-to-bumper commutes, boring meetings, hours spent making someone else rich, and many of the other "wonderful"
things about working for someone else.

In this article, I'll discuss some successful home business ventures. Thirty-seven of them to be exact. I hope they spark some ideas in your mind. I've been running my
own home business for more than 30 years after getting burned out on selling life insurance. I believe anyone can find a business they love. You'll find that some of
the business ideas from 1959 could still be successful today.

In future articles, I'll tell you what practices have helped me in my own home business. Perhaps you'll find some that will help you. I'm 75 years young, so I understand what it means to find happiness and self-satisfaction in your life.

Some of the businesses that were popular back in 1959 were:

Bronzing Baby Shoes
Creating Plasicast Figurines Selling to the US government Cleaning rugs and upholstery Tuning pianos
Repairing watches and clocks Shoe repair
Mail order
Poultry Raising
Reading blueprints
Cleaning venetian blinds
Sharpening mower blades
Filing saws
Washing walls
Vending machines
Repairing TVs and Radios
Selling paint
Home instruction
Repairing electrical appliances Buying wholesale items and selling them retail Tool rental business
Ceramic creation and sales
Baby sitter agency
Building boats
Fix-it home repair on wheels Grocery cart maintenance and cleaning Telephone answering service Odd-job Employment Service
Window Painting
Car Washing/Detailing-Auto Laundry Secretarial Service
PReventive pest control
Lawn and garden tool repair Service station washing
Motel keeping

There may be a few of these that are no longer viable in this age of mass production or industrial production, but then again - aren't a lot of them practical in your
home town? Anytime you save someone money or save them time, you're doing a huge service.

There could also be one of them that sparks an entirely different, but related idea for a home business.

Look over the list several times, taking a notebook in hand and taking notes. Spend some time in a quiet place, reflecting on your own possibilities. Nothing is impossible
when you believe in yourself and your own creativity.

Give yourself the opportunity to step back and look at your life. Consider things you love doing.

Helping others with home cleaning and other services, is still a much-needed business.
In my next article, I'll discuss more possibilities.

Robert Pinnick has kept himself young at the mature age of 75 by running his own home business and helping others to do the same. He can be found online here:
http://www.homebusinesswma.com You can also email Robert with questions: mailto:rpinnick@homebusinesswma.com

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