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The Narcissist in the Workplace
To a narcissist-employer, the members of his "staff" are Secondary Sources of Narcissistic Supply. Their role is to accumulate the supply (in human speak, remember events that support the grandiose self-image of the narcissist) and to regulate...
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Online Forums Help Businesses Generate Additional Streams of Revenue


Small businesses and inventors often find it difficult to reach the global market because the traditional transfer of intellectual property is complicated, costly, fragmented, and slow. A number of online forums, including Patentcafe.com (http://www.patentcafe.com), NewIdeaTrade.com (http://www.newideatrade.com), and Inventioncity.com (http://www.inventioncity.com), now help businesses maximize their return on research and development investment. Leveraging the global reach of these forums will allow companies and individuals from around the world the ability to buy and sell ideas, inventions and patents as well as trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property to the global market.

Smaller companies that are not able to devote substantial amounts of resources to research and development will now be able to locate and license inventions listed on these online forums. Even larger businesses will save the time and expense of developing new products and technologies on their own, by buying or licensing inventions listed on these trading networks.

By providing a global forum for businesses, innovators and investors to find each other, these forums break down traditional geographic, industrial, and marketing barriers, and simplify and speed up the process of transfer of intellectual property. Additional information on how to sell innovations is available at http://www.newideatrade.com/sell_ideas.htm.

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